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Need help with HR and Fair Work compliance?

Workforce Guardian can help!

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Avoid big fines!

Fair Work Act Breaches | Payslip and Record-Keeping Breaches | Workplace Health & Safety Breaches | Sham Contracting | Employing Illegal Workers

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Avoid expensive claims!

Unfair Dismissal | Adverse Action | Workplace Bullying | Sexual Harassment | Workers Compensation

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Save time and money!

Workforce Guardian offers big value for small budget

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Achieve best-practice HR management!

Improve employee services | Increase employer profitability

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Achieve full-compliance with Australian laws!

Fair Work Act | Record‑keeping and Pay Slip Obligations | Workplace Health & Safety Laws | Independent Contractors Act | Migration Act

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Practical HR systems

Affordable | Easy to use | Compliant

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Professional HR advice

National Employment Standards | Modern Awards | Pay Rates | Leave | Termination and Dismissals | Employment Contracts | Records and Payslips | Written Warnings | Fair Work Inspectors

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Trusted by Thousands

Australia's leading HR and employment relations service

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Access the benefits

Simplify employee management processes

Get unlimited HR advice online from friendly experts

Save time and money creating HR documents

Create compliant employment contracts in minutes

Safely store all your HR records in one secure location

Avoid big workplace fines and expensive employee claims

Get peace of mind with full compliance

Trusted by Thousands