Workforce Guardian is Australia's leading HR and employment relations service for employers.

Trusted by thousands, Workforce Guardian is the HR solution-of-choice for Australian employers, key advisors and over 300 partners.

Australia's #1 HR Compliance System

Workforce Guardian believe hiring, managing and exiting workers - and ensuring a safe workplace - should be easy and affordable. That's why for 10 years we've been providing Australia's #1 HR Compliance System.

Delivered via an affordable annual subscription, Workforce Guardian HR System provides everything employers need to achieve best-practice HR management and full-compliance with Australian employment laws. At a fraction of the cost of developing and keeping everything up to date and compliant themselves.

When used correctly, Workforce Guardian can help you:

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HR Advice Services

Workforce Guardian's team of HR and employment law experts provide plain-English answers to HR-related questions. Our team regularly answer questions relating to the Fair Work Act 2009 (including the National Employment Standards - NES), Modern Awards, employment contracts, dismissals, disciplinary action, and more.

HR Consulting Services

Workforce Guardian's team of HR and employment law experts have a strong record of success in helping Australian employers with HR and employment relations matters. Our team of experts can help you with:

  • General HR Issues
  • Contract Audits
  • Company Policy & Procedure Reviews
  • Record-Keeping Reviews
  • Policy Development and Deployment
  • HR Investigations
  • Representation at Fair Work Ombudsman and Fair Work Commission-related matters
  • And other HR matters.

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HR Training Services

Workforce Guardian's team of HR and employment law experts regularly run workshops and webinars to help employers and key advisors understand and achieve their HR and legal obligations.

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HR Solutions

For 10 years, Workforce Guardian has provided industry-leading HR solutions for Australia.


Workforce Guardian employ a friendly team of qualified professionals.


Workforce Guardian partners with leading technology providers to deliver best of breed HR solutions for Australia.


Workforce Guardian has strong insurance cover to protect our business.

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Which HR Solution is best for you?

Which HR Solution is best for you?

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