Company: Solutec
Owner/Operator: Liam Murphy
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Industry: IT Consulting and Technical Recruitment
Employees: 5


With Workforce Guardian we've now got our ER compliance problem solving in house.

Liam Murphy, Director, Solutec

Leading business and IT consulting firm, Solutec, has built their business on getting the right professional to implement the right business application in the shortest possible time.

Established in Sydney in 2005, with clients ranging from the biggest Fortune 500 organisations to small entrepreneurial companies, Solutec implements innovative solutions including specialist IT consulting and recruitment services.  The professional services company's work includes streamlining project costs, providing technology solutions and supplying key technical specialists for the duration of a major project.

But engaging contract staff for fixed term projects was becoming more complicated and the company's flexible resourcing structure was beginning to keep Solutec director, Liam Murphy, awake at night.  With their passion and expertise in IT problem solving and not ER problem solving, keeping up to date with the ongoing changes in Australian employment law was highly problematic.

"As part of our flexible resourcing structure Solutec regularly engages the services of contract employees. We need to get the right ICT professional for the job for its duration. The challenge of keeping abreast of continuously changing ER requirements was proving very difficult for us as this is not an area of key competence for our organisation.

"The documentation was complex and time consuming to complete and seeking specialist ER advice was proving exorbitantly expensive.  We had to find an alternative, cost effective ER solution."

So the company signed up to Workforce Guardian.

Alternative ER solution

"Using Workforce Guardian makes creating high quality, legally compliant contracts and documentation very simple. It has been a tremendous help to our business by providing a cost-effective and time saving suite of products that give us security and peace of mind that at all times we are legally compliant and protected."

Ringing endorsement

"The quality of the Workforce Guardian product was put to the test when a major client of ours requested a review of our contract structure to ensure our compliance and their own protection. The response I received from the sample contract provided from the Workforce Guardian service was described as 'one of the most comprehensive and thorough documents that we have received from any organisation and I obviously must be working with a very competent legal team.

"For us, Workforce Guardian means we can concentrate on our key areas of expertise while being confident that our ER obligations are fully compliant."

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