Company: Woinarski Pty Ltd
Locations: North Sydney, New South Wales
Industry: Chartered Accountants/Financial Planners
Employees: 11



Our clients get Fair Work compliance expertise through our partnership with Workforce Guardian.

Denis Hamill, Director, Woinarski Pty Ltd

Established in 1931, highly experienced chartered accountancy practice, Woinarski provides professional accounting, taxation, superannuation, financial planning and auditing services. Based in North Sydney, the practice has been built on successfully understanding and satisfying its clients' business needs.

Working closely with its small and medium sized business client base, the chartered accountancy practice focuses on ensuring its clients are using the right tax structure and are fulfilling their tax obligations while  providing the optimal framework for maximum business growth with reduced costs and greater profits.

With tax rules and compliance obligations becoming ever more onerous on small businesses, Woinarski's expertise and experience is being utilised to the full, ensuring its clients are fully compliant, fully protected and able to benefit from the tax system where appropriate.

Focussed on the numbers

However, with Woinarski's focus on helping their clients create sound business plans, helping them reduce costs and increase profits, the accountancy practice realised that their clients were becoming exposed to making inadvertent breaches of the Fair Work Act 2009.

"With our practice focussed on the numbers, we've always been proactive in ensuring our client's biggest line item - their payroll - was fully compliant from a tax standpoint.  But with the changes brought in by Fair Work and the compliance obligations we realised that our clients could be vulnerable to unintentionally breaching Modern Award conditions and other news rules like the ten National Employment Standards.

"While we're up-to-speed on the legislative changes, we're certainly not what you would call experts. We didn't want our clients to run the risk of being in breach of an Award."

Expert help

So Woinarski decided to partner with Workforce Guardian to be able to provide expert help and in this area.

"Becoming a Workforce Guardian Partner has greatly decreased the amount of work that our firm's administration manager and I need to do in the area of employment law compliance. Workforce Guardian provides straightforward information that's easy to understand which I can pass on to my clients.

"It takes the worry out of us needing to keep up with employment law, the Modern Awards and the National Employment Standards.

"We also enrol in Workforce Guardian's webinars and invite our clients along.  The webinars are highly informative and delivered in plain English - no ER speak or HR jargon."

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