Name of Company: Xero Pty Limited
Location: Australia
Industry: Online Accounting Services


Allister Grigg Xero COO

"We have absolute peace of mind that with Workforce Guardian's high quality and up to date HR documents, policies and processes we meet our legislative obligations and reduce both risk and cost to Xero."

Alastair Grigg, Chief Operating Officer, Xero Pty Ltd

Xero recommends Workforce Guardian

As the world's easiest online accounting solution, Xero gives small businesses and their advisors access to a dynamic accounting platform.  Xero delivers easy access to bank transactions, invoices, reports, sales tax - anytime they need it, wherever they are.

With their head office located in New Zealand, Xero needed the ability to rapidly deploy quality and compliant HR systems and procedures across their fast growing Australian operations.  They also needed a secure online solution that could be used by the Australian team in conjunction with the HR and finance staff based across the Tasman.

Without a local HR team on staff, Xero needed confidence in rolling out a best practice HR system in Australia without consulting with local HR specialists at extra cost.  So they implemented Workforce Guardian which not only benefits the team here in Australia but can be accessed in real time from their HR team in New Zealand.

"Workforce Guardian gives us everything we need to both recruit and manage our team in Australia. With easy to use resources like compliant HR documentation and processes, it ensures that we are not inadvertently overlooking some of our employer obligations under Australian employment legislation."

Real time access here and overseas

"Being online means that immediate information can be shared with our HR team in Wellington at any time.  So, we're all on the same page with consistent processes and procedures.

"The service is so easy to use, but when we do have questions, we've used the "Ask an Expert" service for quick email answers to our day-to-day HR questions.   We've also taken advantage of the Consulting service for help and advice with our more specific HR issues."

Right tools to recruit staff with minimum risk

"As we grow quickly, Workforce Guardian gives us the confidence we have the right tools in place to recruit staff with minimum risk. With our HR team based offshore, it is important that we are 100% compliant with the Australian employment environment. We have absolute peace of mind that with Workforce Guardian's high quality and up to date HR documents, policies and processes we meet our legislative obligations and reduce both risk and cost to Xero.

"We would recommend Workforce Guardian to any offshore company with operations in Australia. So much so that are now integrating our online accounting platform with Workforce Guardian, so that customers can access both their accounting and employment relations documentation and contracts.

"By bringing the full transparency of payroll data into the mainstream accounting system, Xero is giving small and medium sized businesses clear visibility around payroll costs - employee costs, expense costs, annual leave and compassionate leave costs all unified with the accounting ledger.   This integration provides a granular level of information to help businesses manage their risks.  Furthermore, building on this integration with payroll, Workforce Guardian customers can also access and view their employee documents from this platform.  So all employment contracts and agreements generated using the Workforce Guardian service along with the comprehensive suite of HR policies, processes, flowcharts and HR forms are all accessible from the one space."


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