HR Process Guides

Workforce Guardian's online HR system and support service includes over 40 HR Process modules to help employers achieve HR best practice and full-compliance with Australian employment laws and workplace, health and safety legislation.

Typically, each HR Process module includes:

  1. an easy to follow  HR Process Flowchart,
  2. step by step instructions in plain-English,  and
  3. all of the relevant documentation needed to put each step into practice.
HR PROCESS FLOWCHARTS powered by Workforce Guardian

HR Process Flowcharts such as:

  • Absenteeism Management Process Flowchart
  • Disciplinary Action Process Flowchart
  • Dishonesty Response Process Flowchart
  • Disobedience Response Process Flowchart
  • Harassment Complaints Procedure Process Flowchart
  • Hiring Process Flowchart
  • Intimidation And Assault Response Process Flowchart
  • Medical Incapacity Management Process Flowchart
  • Paid Parental Leave Process Flowchart
  • Performance And Behaviour Improvement Process Flowchart
  • Performance Management Process Flowchart
  • Restructuring And Redundancy Process Flowchart
  • Termination and Dismissal Action Process Flowchart
  • Transfer Of Business Process Flowchart
  • Unfit For Work Process Flowchart

All downloadable HR content has been verified by Clayton Utz, one of Australia's leading law firms.

Sample HR Process Flowchart

HR Processes powered by Workforce Guardian SAMPLE

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