Managing Consultations Process

This process will help you to meet your legal obligations to meaningfully consult with workers (and others) regarding workplace health and safety-related matters.

The WHS Act requires that, as far as practicable, an employer must consult with all staff who carry out work for you - who are directly affected by a work and health and safety matter.

If a health and safety representative has been elected to represent staff, the consultation must involve the representative. 

Consultation with staff and elected health and safety representatives is required at each step of the risk assessment process. The consultation process includes sharing information, giving staff and health and safety representatives with a reasonable opportunity to express views and taking those views into account before making any decisions about health and safety matters.

This section includes:

  • Introduction
  • Managing Consultations Flowchart
  • Understand Your Duty to Consult
  • Consult When Legally Required
  • Consider Representatives and Committees 
  • Consult in Accordance with Best-Practice
  • Consult with Other Duty Holders
  • Online Consultations Register