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Workforce Guardian can help employers save time and money finding answers to HR questions. And help you avoid big fines and expensive employees claims for breaching Australian employment laws such as the Fair Work Act 2009.

Our HR Advice Online service for employers - which is built in to HR EssentialHR Professional, and  HR Platinum - provides you with access to unlimited answers to HR-related questions in writing within two working days.

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HR Advice Online - How it works

Easy to use forms

Workforce Guardian includes easy to use forms to help guide you and ensure you get the relevant HR advice you need.

  • Employee Modern Award Coverage Enquiry Form
  • Employee Pay Rates Enquiry Form
  • General HR Advice Enquiry Form
  • Follow-Ip Enquiry Form

Case History

A detailed case history of forms submitted is included in Workforce Guardian.

View Case History for Clients

Scope of Service

Our team is comprised of HR experts, and can answer questions relating to the Fair Work Act 2009 (including the National Employment Standards - NES), Modern Awards, employment contracts, dismissals, disciplinary action, and much more.

However, we are unable to provide advice relating to superannuation, taxation, or salary sacrificing arrangements as these topics are not governed by employment law.


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