HR Training

Workforce Guardian provide affordable training workshops for employers and key advisors. Participants learn about

  • Why HR is important in Australia (eg. Fair Work Act, National Employment Standards, Payng Workers Correctly and Record Keeping).
  • Common HR and compliance mistakes that employers and key advisors make.
  • How to use Workforce Guardian to avoid big penalties, minikise damaging employee claims and maximise workforce productivity.

HR TRAINING powered by Workforce Guardian

Workforce Guardian are skilled at making the often complex and challenging area of employment law clear, practical and easy to understand. We make sure attendees walk away with the knowledge and practical advice they need to run their business in full compliance with all their employment obligations.

Our most popular training topics include:

No.  Topic
1 Fair Work Overview: A Plain-English Introduction to the Fair Work Laws
2 How to Comply with the NES (Part 1)
3 How to Comply with the NES (Part 2)
4 Modern Awards Explained
5 Employment Contracts Explained
6 Finding the Right Pay for Your Employees
7 How to Lawfully Dismiss Employees 
8 Workplace Health and Safety for Beginners
9 A Guide to Workplace Bullying and Stress
10 Avoiding the 5 Most Common HR Mistakes

HR Compliance Workshops

Workforce Guardian are skilled at conducting workshops on employment relations legislation and what it means for you as business owners and managers. Working in concert with the HR documentation and processes available through the Workforce Guardian service, our courses give business owners and managers hands-on training to deal with every-day employment issues.

Our training covers:

  • An overview of the Fair Work system and the compliance challenges for employers under the Fair Work Act 2009.
  • HR issues like termination and dismissal, harassment and the right employment policies.
  • National Employment Standards (NES) which consist of 10 minimum entitlements that all Businesses in all States must now provide their employees.
  • A comprehensive overview of the Modern Awards system and what you need to do to remain compliant.
  • The steps and procedures you need to follow to exit employees legally to avoid unfair dismissal claims.

As Australia's leading online employment relations service, Workforce Guardian can help you understand your obligations under Australian employment law so that you can get compliance right in your business.

How much does it cost?


Workforce Guardian can provide HR training for individuals or groups. Ask us for more details or a quote.


Our  HR Platinum service includes "Up to 10 hours" of outsourced HR support. These hours can be used for HR education and training.

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