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Workforce Guardian believe hiring, managing and exiting workers - and ensuring a safe workplace - should be easy and affordable for every employer.

That's why we've partnered with over 300 leading Australian companies, associations, accountants and bookkeepers, franchise groups and business advisors, to help connect their members/clients with affordable and easy-to-use HR solutions.

Many of your members/clients - especially those running small businesses - are often unaware of all their compliance obligations under the Fair Work Act 2009, such as the National Employment Standards, Modern Awards, Record Keeping & Payslips, Unfair Dismissal and Harassment. They just want to hire, manage and exit employees efficiently and effectively. And in full-compliance with Australian employment laws.

Most businesses - including small businesses - are now covered by the national Fair Work system created by the Fair Work Act 2009.   Employers risk penalties of up to $63,000 for breaching Australian employment laws such as the Fair Work Act 2009.  Fair Work Inspectors appointed by the Fair Work Ombudsman have the power to enter a workplace at any time during working hours to inspect records and ensure compliance.

Trusted by thousands, Workforce Guardian is the HR solution-of-choice forr Australia SMEs, HR professionals, industry associations, franchise groups, accountants, bookkeepers and business advisers.

Best HR Solutions for Partners

HR Systems powered by Workforce Guardian

White Label Cloud HR Systems powered by Workforce Guardian

Provide your members/ clients with an affordable and easy to use 'white-labelled' HR system and support service to help them manage people with confidence and ensure full compliance with Australian employment laws.

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HR TALKS powered by Workforce Guardian

Provide HR Talks and Webinars to help your members/clients understand their compliance obligations and avoid common HR mistakes that often result in big fines and expensive employee claims.

HR Advice Online Lady On PC

HR ADVICE HOTLINE powered by Workforce Guardian

Provide your members/ clients with fast answers to all their HR questions. Including National Employment Standards, Modern Awards, employment contracts, dismissals, disciplinary action, and much more.

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HR TRAINING powered by Workforce Guardian

Educate your members/ cients about their compliance obligations under Australian employment laws.

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