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HR LITE is best for employers who want a basic HR system to help them manage HR and compliance such as when engaging independent contractors.

Features include:

Cloud HR System - Login anywhere, anytime from any internet enabled web browser


1 user login

People File Management - Create unlimited files for workers and safely store sensitive information online

  • Employee Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Volunteer Management
Create unlimited files

HR Compliance Tools - Minimise the risk of big fines and expensive employee claims:

  • HR Letters
  • HR Forms & Templates
  • HR Guides
  • HR Process Flowcharts
  • HR Checklists


Over 20 HR compliance tools to help your business (eg. HR process flowcharts, letters, forms, guides, checklists, etc)

Hiring Process modules - Step by step guides and documents to help you ensure compliance with Australian employment law:

  • Preparing to Engage New Workers
  • Position Descriptions
  • Recruitment


3 modules

Managing Process modules - Step by step guides and documents to help ensure compliance with Australian employment laws:

  • Paying Workers
  • Maintaining Employee Performance


2 modules

Exiting Process modules - Step by step guides and documents to help you ensure compliance with Australian employment laws:

  • Termination and Dismissal


1 module

Centralised HR Records Management - Store all your HR records online in one secure location to ensure they can be quickly and easily found when you need them and to protect them against loss, damage or privacy breaches

  • Employee Records
  • Candidate Records
  • Contractor Records
  • Volunteer Records

Law Guides - Plain-English advice about important Australian employment laws to help employers avoid big workplace fines and expensive employee claims:

  • Fair Work Act


1 law guide

Modern Awards   - Quick access to all 122 Modern Awards covered by Fair Work System

  • Modern Awards LookUp Tool


122 Modern Awards

Training Management -   Tools to help employers record and manage training for employees, candidates, contractors and volunteers:

  • Course Name
  • Course Provider
  • Level of Study (eg. AQF Framework, Industry Accreditation or Other)
  • Status (eg. Completed, Deferred, In Progress, Proposed)
  • Start Date
  • End Date

Licences Management   - Tools to help employers record and manage licenses for employees, candidates, contractors and volunteers:

  • License Name
  • License Type
  • License Class
  • License Number
  • Expiry Date
  • Place Issued
  • Conditions
HR Newsletter - Keeping you informed about HR issues affecting small business and alerts about Fair Work Inspector campaigns targeting industries around Australia
HR Blog - Regular articles covering important HR and employment relations topics Yes

Compliance Audit Trail - Providing an activity history and   estimated values for content to help subscribers understand how much they save on HR


Data Importing- Tools to help you upload people information in bulk:

  • Xero API
  • CSV
  • MYOB
  • Etc

Notes Tool - Track important events such as:

  • Disciplinary Discussions
  • Incidents
  • Etc

Alerts Tool - Set reminders for important events such as:

  • Performance Reviews
  • Probation Dates
  • Etc

Support Centre - Resources to help you get the most out of your subscription:

  • How to Guide
  • Employee Reports
  • HR Health Check
  • Educational How to Videos
Peace of Mind - All downloadable employment relations content Verified by Clayton Utz
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