HR System Training

Learn how to use Workforce Guardian. To manage HR and compliance with confidence.

This course teaches you how to:

  1. Access the system and find what you need
  2. System administration
  3. Manage personnel files
  4. Manage HR records
  5. Manage HR registers
  6. Manage HR best-practice and compliance
  7. Manage HR processes
  8. Access compliant HR document templates
  9. Create compliant contracts
  10. Manage workplace, health and safety
  11. Access expert advice when you need it
  12. Outsource / HR On-Demand

Each participant receives a training manual and workbook to support their learning.

Cost: $330 per person.

Next Course:  Monday 30 July 2018 (9am to 5pm) in Sydney

What you need to bring:

  1. Workforce Guardian subscription login details
  2. Laptop/Computer

Call 1300 659 563 to express your interest or: 

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Workforce Guardian HR System Training