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Workforce Guardian is regularly updated to ensure subscribers always have access to fully compliant HR tools and resources, as well as up to date information about Australian employment laws.

Recent updates include

'Features Guide'

'Search' feature added to all HR Documents Library pages:

New Safety Registers:

  • Online Hazards Register
  • Online Incidents and Injuries Register
  • Online Consultations Register
  • Online Workers Compensation Claims Register

New Managing Processes:

New HR Registers:

Updated  Workplace Health & Safety Law Guide including Key Terms

Updated  Safety Processes:

  • Managing Hazards
  • Managing Incidents and Injuries
  • Managing Consultations
  • Managing Workers Compensation Claims

New Safety Process:

  • Managing Return to Work

Updated Modern Awards Lookup

Updated Performance Review Template

Updated Induction Process

Updated Uniform Policy

New letter:In-Principle Offer of Employment

Updated 18  HR Process Flowcharts

New Sample Position Descriptions

Updated Paid parental leave and related entitlements in Law Guides

Updated 25  HR Letters in our  HR Documents Library

Updated High Income Threshold in our Law Guides for the new period: 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016

New HR Advice Online for Clients forms for HR Advice Online subscribers:

  • Modern Award Coverage for Your Clients Enquiry Form
  • Pay Rates for Your Clients Enquiry Form

New HR Advice Online for employers forms for HR Essential, HR Professional and HR Platinum subscribers:

  • Employee Modern Award Coverage Enquiry Form
  • Employee Pay Rates Enquiry Form

Updated MYOB API

New custom content for ADP white-labelled HR systems subscribers (Webinars)

New custom HR content for Health Recruitment Plus white-labelled HR systems subscribers (HR Documents)

New custom HR content for Institute of Certified Bookkeepers white-labelled HR systems subscribers (Factsheets)

Updated XERO API

Upgrade to CPU

New: Added over 40 new safety documents (letters, forms, guides, etc)

New: Added new SAFETY section with processes for:

  • Managing Hazards
  • Incidents & Injuries
  • Consultations
  • Workers Compensation Claims

and more!

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